Thursday, 26 April 2012

Testing Recipes

I've been testing new recipes for the past few weeks. Pound cakes, crumb bars, whoopie pies and cupcakes! Some have been great, some have been well, less than great. But I'm always trying new and different recipes.

These were just supposed to be a trial run for my basic chocolate cupcakes made with agave. But after I started making them, I realized that I only had olive oil left. But instead of running to store to grab some canola, I decided to try the olive oil. I know olive oil has been using in sweet baked goods for a long time, but I had yet to try it. 

While I did like the results, I would do a few things differently to create a better product. Olive oil has a lower smoke point than canola, so I should have lowered the temperature a little more than I already did. (When using agave, I also lower the temperature a bit since it browns faster than granulated sugar.)

But all in all, still delicious and I would 100% make them again.

Oh and the icing is a cooked vanilla icing and chocolate buttercream!

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