Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I recently bought a Kobo e reader, and I have to say it's great! I wasn't sure if I wanted one, since I hate reading computer screens for a long time. But it's so easy to read, doesn't turn my eyes at all, and is so convenient. I think I love it most for the fact that I can get all the cookbooks I want for low prices (or free!) and am able to have all the recipes in one place.

I've been looking for a perfect lemon poppy seed muffin recipe for years. I've experimented with many recipes but never found anything that I loved. I saw a recipe for them in Vegan Brunch, and decided to try it since I love so many of her recipes.

They turned out really well! While I won't say they are perfect yet, they are so so so close. I did make some initial adjustments, which could even be the reason why I don't think they are perfect yet. I used whole wheat pastry flour instead of all-purpose. This was my first time using no all-purpose in baked good, and you can't even tell that they are whole wheat. It's wonderful and I will be baking with whole wheat pastry flour a lot more. As well, instead of white sugar I used organic cane sugar. It's just a little less refined.

While at the store today I also picked up some coconut palm sugar, which I'm very excited to experiment with. I have lots of baking plans this week, I can't wait to get started!

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