Monday, 25 June 2012


My two best friends celebrated there 5 year anniversary on Friday. I've been friends with them since high school, we used to live together and now we live in the same apartment building!

Last year, I made them molten chocolate cakes with raspberry coulis. They were delicious, but this year I wanted to make an actual decorated cake. I had a million ideas in my head, which is a good and a bad thing. I'd much rather have a lot of ideas than not be able to think of anything. But also, if I don't decided on one definite idea then everything gets jumbled and causes me to freak out. Meaning, I freaked out yesterday.

I love decorating cakes, I do. But I'm known to go a little crazy in the process. Thankfully last night, I was alone while decorating. It's honestly better that way so people don't have to see the hysterical me. On a side not, I did work in a bakery as a cake decorator for six months. I was much more calm in that position. It only starts freaking me out when it's all on me.

Well, after a lot of bumps, I decorated a beautiful cake. A mishmash of ideas made into one, delicious cake.

It's two layers of chocolate cake, one later of toasted coconut cake with whipped ganauche inside. The outside is covered in a chocolate ganauche and then covered in chocolate and vanilla buttercream.

I'd say that it all turned out right in the end.

Oh also, I got a twitter! I'm mega late on the bandwagon but I'm just really bad at social media things. AKA why I don't have a facebook. But yeah , I have only "tweeted" once but we will see how it goes. My name on it is NAFFLESbakeshop. Follow me?

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