Friday, 15 June 2012


Okay since I never post anymore, I decided that I need to put something up! I'm written some posts but then didn't take pictures of the baked good that went along with it. I swear one day I'll get better at automatically taking pictures. I do plan on using some of my income tax refund to buy a new camera. Because mine sucks. And my phone camera also sucks. So I usually use my boyfriends phone. But he is usually not home when I bake, which leads to no pictures.

ANYWAYS, I'm going to post some pictures from a baking competition I was in last year. It was at the school I went to for Baking and Pastry Arts. Every year there is a competition between students in the program. 12 people are allowed to compete, and there are 3 categories. Bread (which includes croissants), cake and cookies.

The year I participated was the first year they made it mandatory to make croissants. We all had to use the same recipe, so it was just about how they looked. My croissants were the best looking ones in the competition. Sadly, you didn't get any sort of prize for that. But it was mentioned in the local newspaper!

Sadly, the things I made were not vegan. I know, I know. I wasn't completely vegan at the time, and they school supplied the ingredients. If we wanted to use other things then we would have to pay for it and I was the poorest. Excuses, excuses. I honestly wish I would have made everything vegan since I know I still would have done as well, but oh well!

For the bread category I made: Whole Wheat Honey Oat bread. It's my go to bread. (now I used brown rice syrup, maple syrup or agave.) It's a nice dense bread, great for stews and soups. Yum, now I want to make some.

For the cake category I made: Chocolate cake with chocolate raspberry mousse, covered in chocolate ganauche in a chocolate cage. Yeah I know. My only issue with the cake was the ganauche. The consistency was off and I should have fixed it but didn't and I am still kicking myself for that.

The cookie category I made: Cream cheese cookies with a pink glaze. These are childhood favourite. I make vegan versions all the time, subbing in vegan cream cheese. I personally HATE cream cheese, but these cookies are just sweet and delicious.

And out of 12 people, I got 2nd place in breads, cakes and overall. So no gold, but I guess three silver isn't so bad.

I also need to give a shout-out to my assistant, Nicole! Every participant had an assistant to help weigh ingredients, grab things, etc. She was the best and I could not have done it without her!

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