Saturday, 2 June 2012


During  the week, I decided to make a dry mix for red velvet cupcakes. I like doing this, since it makes it much easier to do some quick baking. But, it's only a good idea if you make sure you measure everything correctly!

Last night I went to make the cupcakes and fill them with chocolate ganauche. (I had some ganauche in the fridge from earlier this week) And we had this awesome idea of putting a spoonful of the ganauche in the raw batter. Normally, I core the finished cupcakes and pipe in the filling. But this would be easier and maybe even more delicious.

Sadly, I think I forgot to add a 1/4 cup of flour. Because they did not turn out well. They were so flat, and all the chocolate just fell to the bottom and blah. Such a disappointment. I mean, Adrian still ate 5 last night. But I didn't even finish one.

I want to start making lots of dry mixes, but obviously I need to make sure I really pay attention to the amounts I'm putting in!

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