Monday, 9 July 2012

Alright, I am the worst at posting. And it's funny because I've made some delicious baked goods this week. I made baked donuts....twice. And they were delicous...twice. The second time I made them, I tried a gluten free flour mix and they turned out so good! I also made chocolate chip blondies, which were gluten-free as well. And then I made ice cream, vanilla with chocolate chips and peices of the blondies. Oh my god it was good. I don't normally do that much gluten-free baking at home. But I like to try new things and at work we are going to start making a lot of gluten-free products so I was testing some out.

But today isn't about what I made over the past week. It's about what you could possibly have me make for you. Over at Elycia's blog, she is having a giveaway to win some delicious goodies from me! You could win: 

6 double chocolate cookies
6  truffles (assorted)
4 filled cupcakes (assorted)
6 mini chocolate garbanzo bean cakes

So go over to her blog to see how you could win! (This contest is only open to Ontario residents, sorry!)

Oh and don't forget, you can still use the discount code from her review to get 15% off any treats! And I do ship all over Canada, so even if you don't live in Ontario you can still purchase some compassionate baked goods!

Well, I'm off to go test out a cherry crumble bar. But first, I have a question. Should I add chocolate?

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