Monday, 2 July 2012


I just thought I should tell you to pop over to Elycia's blog to see a review of my goodies! I seriously read her blog everyday and I was so excited that she said yes to try some of my treats.

So please check out the review, as well as find out how to get 15% off your order! Oh and stayed tuned because I have more exciting news coming your way very soon!


  1. I saw her review! Everything looks so yummy! The way she described everything made my mouth water. Your prices are pretty awesome too! I will definitely recommend you to friends!

  2. I just came over from Elycia's blog...your goodies look SO GOOD! My tummy is rumbling.

  3. I came over from Elycia's blog. So glad to hear of a VEGAN baker. I have been vegan for 6 months. I used to love to bake cookies and all kinds of unhealthy stuff. I have yet to start baking vegan. It's good to know it can be done and YUMMY! :)

    1. Yes! Honestly, for most things you can't even tell the difference. I've been baking vegan goodies for over 5 years and no one has ever been able to tell that they don't have any animals products. Try it out!

  4. I meant every word of the review...and then some! I can't say enough good things about your goodies!