Monday, 26 November 2012

New phone, new cakes.

I finally got a new phone! I'm very excited because now I can take better pictures. I still want an actual camera but until then, my phone will do.

The past few weeks have been quite busy. I've been spending a lot of time with some awesome people, and of course, baking. Actually, I don't spend as much time baking as I did before. I just don't have the sweet tooth I did before, so I'm only baking for orders. But it's nice getting back into the groove of baking. I actually have an working interview at a bakery in Toronto this week, which I'm quite excited/nervous about. It looks as though I will be back in Toronto by the New Year. Just a month ago, I couldn't wait to get back to Toronto. I really do love the city and all it has to offer. Now though, I'm less excited. I'm just going to miss all my friends so much.

Anyways, onto the baking. Here are a few things I've made lately.

Everything is handmade and edible. The cake is a simple vanilla cake with chocolate icing.

Super simple German chocolate cake.

This was so delicious! Double chocolate brownie cake. The photo does NOT do this cake's just so yummy.

1. My lovely cat, Turtle.
2. A huge bottle of Walkerville brewery Christmas beer.
2. Mega yummy breakfast: tofu scramble, spinach salad, pepper strips and toasted ciabatta.
4. Whole wheat pancakes with fruit and pure maple syrup.

Well that's my life recently! I'm making another cake this weekend, so there will be more pictures coming up. Oh and don't forget to add me to instagram: nafflescakes

Hope you have a great week!

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